We had the idea of creating a new brassband a couple of years ago. In 2014 we came together for the very first time and after some thinking and brainstorming the West Corner Brass Band/WCBB arose.

We are a young group whose biggest passion is music. We’re all located in West-Flanders, ‘De Westhoek’. We believe that music can have a positive influence on everybody who plays and listens to music. We try to bring this message in our own positive and energetic way.

We bring covers of Lucky Chops and Young Blood Brass Band but we also play our own songs.


Kilian Bryon (trompet)
Jeroen Busschaert (trombone)
Lanceloot Baert (trombone)
Siebe (alto saxophone)
Wouter Folens (tenor sax)
Dries Delaplace (baritone saxophone)
Jonas Robaeys (sousaphone)
Briek Maertens (drum)